Brass and Woodwind

Brighton Music Center Band Instrument Repair facilities are located in house at our New Brighton location. Our Band Instrument Repair technicians are able to service all brass and woodwind instruments, and provide expert and cost effective service to our customers.

Services range from yearly maintenance to a complete overhaul.  All repairs are conditionally guaranteed for a period of thirty days from the time of completion. Please feel free to forward any inquiries relating to Band Instrument repair to: 

Kate Kesusker: Band Instrument Repair Manager Contact Kate


Our String Instrument Repair department can provide a range of repair services from general and routine maintenance to a complete rebuild. From 1/8 Violins to Double Bass, we can provide any repair service to bring your instrument back to the proper playing condition. Bow rehairs and repairs available. Please feel free to forward any inquiries relating to Stringed Instrument repair to: 

Ken Gacesa: String Instrument Repair Manager Contact Ken


Our guitar repair department can provide a range of services from restringing your guitar to complete setups and rewires, as well as wood repairs like broken necks and headstocks.  If you don't like the way your guitar is playing, bring it to us and we can fix the problem.


Brighton Music Center services everything we sell and is a warranty service center for most of today's products. Rate charges start at $35.00 for diagnostic and simple repairs start at $65.00. Guitar amp mods are available. Email us with any questions.