Signing up for a Online Instrument Rental is quick and easy, starting with the link at the bottom of this page. Once your rental is submitted, we process your Rental order and deliver the instrument to your school or you can pick it up at one of our locations.

Worried that your child won't continue their instrument? No problem! All of Brighton Music Center's online rentals start out with a convenient 4 Month Trial so you no longer have to be afraid of a long term commitment.

After the trial, if you decide to continue renting the instrument there's just a low monthly fee that you can easily pay each month buy check or automatic debit or by using our C2B Payment system, right from this website.

We offer a instrument protection program (or OPP) that insures your instrument from damage and theft. While you are renting, the fees you pay, (less the OPP) go to the purchase of a Brand New quality instrument.



Group 1
  • $20 For Trial Period
  • Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, and Viola
  • $3 Per Month OPP
Group 2
  • $65 For Trial Period
  • Alto Sax, 3/4 Baritone, Oboe ($70) and Cello ($60)
  • $5 Per Month OPP
Group 3
  • $110 For Trial Period
  • French Horn and Upright Bass
  • $10 Per Month OPP
Group 4
  • $20 For Trial Period
  • Snare Drum Kit, Bell/Block Kit
  • $3 Per Month OPP