The Association of Music Parents (AMP)


Brighton Music Center has partnered with The Association of Music Parents to provide parents with the support they need as their young musician begins their lifetime of music. This is great news and here is why. AMP is a grassroots movement that rallies every parent of school aged students along with grandparents and other concerned citizens throughout the country to unite.

AMP provides parents with resources to support their child’s music education, whether it be information for beginning band parents, the tools to create or improve their booster organizations or anything in between.

Brighton Music Center's most frequently asked question from beginning band parents is "How do support my child when I don't know anything about music?" Brighton Music Center is an excellent resource for all those questions. Now Brighton Music Center will be providing the best resources possible to every family.

All new band and orchestra rentals at Brighton Music Center starting in Spring 2014 will receive a FREE year membership to the Association of Music Parents Association. Brighton Music Center strongly feels that the success of the beginning band student correlates directly to the support they receive from their peers, teacher, and especially their parents. Brighton Music has supplied the finest quality instruments for the beginning musician to assure their success. Now, with the help of AMP, Brighton Music Center wants to support the parents of young musicians.

Families with active rental accounts are invited to join The National Association of Music parents for one month free. Brighton Music Center encourages parents to sign up for this trial period. AMP has resources for beginners, middle school students, and high school students. There is really no parent that cannot benefit from the resources on AMP.

Here is what parents can expect to find with the membership to AMP:

  1. The latest articles and information surrounding the education reform movement you need to know.
  2. Tools to communicate the importance of music and the arts.
  3. Webinar by nationally re known music educators as well parents involved in successful booster organizations.
  4. One FREE enrollment for each child in the family in the National Solo Festival

Take the first step to turn up the volume and visit!