Michael Kelly CC50FRA Striped Ebony Tele with Fralin Pickups

CC50 Fralin

The Custom Collection 50 Fralin version sounds and plays every bit as good as it looks. We worked with our good friend and amazing pickup maker Lindy Fralin to find just the right pickups and mod for this limited edition model. We use his Steel Poled 43 pickups which are hot, full, rich and dynamic. These pickups retain traditional style sounds but with the output of a classic P90. We've included our Phase Reverse Mod with an added push-pull feature that reverses the phase of both pickups together for an ultra-cool mid-range country/funk sound that will cut through any mix. The top is striped ebony with a 3-ply black pickguard. We make the Custom Collection 50 Fralins all as a short-run product. That means we offer them from time to time, always in a small quantity, meaning you are getting a hard to find limited run guitar at a very affordable price... Enjoy!

Model: CC50FRA
Manufacturer: Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly CC50FRA Striped Ebony Tele with Fralin Pickups
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