Ibanez ALT30PIB - 6 string ALT series acoustic electric guitar

ALT30PIB - 6 string ALT guitar - Purple Iris Burst High Gloss The Ibanez Altstar is an electric/acoustic guitar that was designed for all the Ibanez electric guitar fans. Its remarkable headstock was inspired by the icon of Ibanez, the RG. ALT series acoustic guitars are meant to be an easy switch from electric guitars. The compact dreadnought body with cutaway offers comfort yet more than enough volume. The combination of a Maple neck, 25.5" scale length, narrower string spacings, and 16th fret joint offers extremely superior playability and smooth access to the higher frets. With the highly-responsive AEQ2UT onboard electronics, all you need is the Ibanez Altstar ALT30 and an amp or PA to start gigging out. Chrome die-cast tuners and an onboard electronic tuner keep you sounding your best.

Model: ALT30PIB
Manufacturer: Ibanez
Purple Iris Burst High Gloss 2020
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